Twinkling Three for Suphala Care

Suphala turns 3 tomorrow dedicating this year to my Gurus and teachers!
Guru Saakshath Parabrahma ! Guru is God!
I sincerely bow with heartfelt gratitude to all my teachers and a big Thank you
to Suphala patrons, and followers for making it bigger year by year.

Sincere Regards to my teachers, on Teacher’s day and Always…
Guru manifests in various forms and at times even without our notice. We later realize and might say, “oh my God when did my Guru bless me!”

A brief account of how I have across my Gurus in my life so far…..

Ever since my childhood , Nature in her wilderness was always my Guru which helped me appreciate and value the essence of life in all the magnificent creations of God. Swami Vivekananda’s inspiring quotes have always inspired me to abide by his Philosophy.

As a student , I was mentored, guided by two of the best Professors I have ever come across Dr. Vishnupriya Rao Paturi and Dr.K.V Dakshina Murthy, who groomed me to work hard, to be humble and humane despite what ever you achieve professionally. No amount of words would fill ,how much I learnt and cherished being their student, its truly Gods blessings that I found such scholarly and humble teachers.

Sometimes there are Gurus who dwell with out we being aware and one such experience is of Bhagwan Sri Satya Sai Baba, its only after a series of experiences that I realized about his bliss and grace behind all that I was doing.

My Parents have been a constant source of guidance and encouragement however old I grow, their selfless efforts have helped me do what I aspired.

The Universal Guru, Jagadguru Sri Guru Deva Dutta with out his blessings nothing is possible. From deep silence of Universe he whispers with out my knowledge and makes me realize the very purpose of my existence and who am I.

With heartfelt gratitude I bow to all my teachers and Gurus.

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