Services offered

Individual Evaluation and Assessment

This is an opportunity for me to meet you so I can learn more about you and gain a better understanding of what you would like to change about your relationship with food. It is a thorough evaluation of past and present eating behaviours, as well as your attitudes and beliefs about your food choices, weight, exercise patterns and appearance. After this meeting, I will be able to provide you with some direction of what I think will be necessary for your recovery in terms of frequency and duration of visits. I will also, with your guidance and comfort level, develop a treatment plan that works best for you and your situation.

Services Offered :

  1. Nutrition  and Wellness Counselling
  1. Chronic disease preventive counselling
  1. 1×1/ Group counselling for Nutrition and Wellness for  the following

Chronic Conditions: Diabetes mellitus, Hypertension, Coronary Diseases, Obesity, Renal diseases (Renal replacement therapies  Hemodialysis, Continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis, renal transplantation, renal stones), Polycystic Ovarian disorder syndrome (PCOD/ PCOS), Thyroid imbalance, (hyper and hypothyroid), Vitamins and Mineral deficiency.

Suphala has been a catalyst in providing services to Special Needs Group:



Sports person


Working   woman

Personalised Nutrition & Wellness Counselling for  women in following Milestone/condition


b)Nursing Mothers


d)Gestational Diabetes

e)Type II Diabetes in Women

f)Thyroid Dysfunction

g)Obesity and Infertility

How are the services offered?

We have a combination of packages detailedd below that you can pick and choose  and if you donot understand what to choose, you can trust Dr.Sapre who can decide what are the things required for you by dropping in an email to

What do we do in Health and Wellness Assessment:

A detailed health and wellness assessment at Suphala covers physical fitness and nutritional assessment done based on anthropometric data and food recall food habits, likes and dislikes, physical activity and exercise, working patterns, sleep patterns, social activity, and ethnicity. A detailed short form 36 is used to rate the individuals Physical, Mental, Social, Psychological, and Emotional health. Followed by gap analysis and targeted areas of nutritional improvement based in the above various assessments. The cosmic data of individuals is used to identify the planets and related foods which heal the person and based on which a customized 7 days menu is created and foods listed for each day are specific to individual’s health and mental state.

List of foods which are harmful are also listed in order to avoid them or consume in smaller portions in unavoidable circumstances. This effort has helped us to win confidence of several individuals who are benefitted with customized meal planning and has shown a marked improvement in quality of life.

We continue our research in this space and would be back soon with evidence based data for publication and looking forward to help and benefit many more individuals.

Mindful eating is the core philosophy of the Nutrition Counselling Centre. This group is designed for those who have been chronically dieting to manage weight as well as those who are further along in their eating disorder recovery (no longer engaging in symptoms), but still struggle with their relationship with food. It is an 8-week course that is both educational and interactive.

What are Follow-Up Nutrition Counselling Sessions?

These sessions are maintained either weekly, every other week, or monthly and are designed to promote movement toward a better relationship with food, your weight and physical activity. Here, we will begin the process of challenging the distorted beliefs about food that force you to make irrational decisions that affect your overall health and mental well-being.

Services for Corporate Nutrition Advisory and Workshop

We conduct regular workshops for corporates, working women, parents of toddlers and patients and families with history of chronic conditions like Diabetes, Hypertension, Coronary Heart Diseases, Polycystic ovaries and Obesity. We provide special services to patient with renal disorders apart from the common ones listed above as Dr. Suguna specializes in renal nutrition and quality of life studies which are her areas of research and interest.

We are passionate to educate people on preventive health and hence conduct camps from time to time to identify early symptoms’ of chronic conditions and also counsel healthy individuals on preventive health care sessions.

Practical Cooking Sessions

Many might think why a nutritionist needs to cook and wear the chef’s cap?

We at Suphala care strongly believe in giving our patrons not only the best of information about nutrition and wellness but ideally we harness them to develop and adopt to healthy eating habits and practically demonstrate the various methods to help them understand and practically learn the importance of cooking which makes them learn the real meaning of healthy cooking and how holistic food can bring happiness. We promote the fact that any counselling is incomplete in terms of nutrition if the person does not know what he is eating, how he is cooking and how these foods are helping the body nourish. Hence the cooking demos at Suphala care are part of nutritional counselling to make it holistic. We cover the complete food chain starting from purchasing of right foods, understanding food labels and fooling  consumers with advertising gimmicks, processing, cooking and mindful eating and being just right with of course a dose of wellness.

Cooking without fire workshops for Kids

This is a unique concept to encourage children to eat more and more amounts of raw fruits and vegetables, sprouted grains and nuts. Workshops are uniquely design to help them learn about importance of various food groups and how they help to keep the body healthy and nourished. We focus on 10 to 15 instant foods which are one meal recipes and wholesome and healthy that they can prepare using natural foods when there mommy is off to work. We also make them aware of all the foods from market and ill effects of packed tinned and canned foods and how to stay away from snacking on foods forms vacuum packets and cardboard boxes. Most importantly all these foods are prepared without any form of heating so it’s certainly a safe bet which has motivated several parents to send them for these workshops. Kitchen gardening is another upcoming workshop which we plan to start in this year’s summer workshop.

Special Focus group

With growing life expectancy we are seeing a large number of senior citizens and growing needs of several geriatric nutrition and chronic health issues. We conduct special focus groups to listen to senior citizens and their nutritional needs and health issues and support them with nutritional and wellness coaching and also provide counseling to family members.

Wellness Group:

Suphala care has been working towards help individuals not only in making right food choices but providing a holistic dimension to individual happiness. We promote and encourage people to adapt to the following activities which will help them develop a healthy heart with a happy mind. We conduct workshops to train individuals to learn the right methods of doing the following activities under wellness:

  1. Pranayama
  2. Meditation
  3. Yoga and
  4. Advice on type of Physical activity frequency and which suits individual the best based on their physical endurance and health status.

Telephonic Consultations

I do offer virtual consultations to clients who are not physically able to make it in to the office for a face-to-face visit, due to inclement weather, travel plans or vacations, going away to college or making a move. I am also available for phone/Skype sessions to those who wish to utilize my services but do not live in the area.


Services and Pricing:

Nutrition counselling:

  1. Basic Nutritional Online counselling(Normal or  Special groups/ Chronic Conditions) : 2500.00 INR
  2. Detailed Customised Cosmic Dietary Program with 7 days Menu chart – 6000.00 INR
  3. Group sessions /workshops: 5000.00 INR/person/hr
  4. Follow up  of all types: 1000.00 INR

Pls add 1000 INR in case of face to face or in person counselling at our clinic.

Wellness Care Packages:

1.Quality of Life Assessment (covering Physical and Mental and Emotional Health): 2500.00 INR

2. Stress reduction counselling – 2500.00 INR

3.Meditation and Breathing techniques :1×1 practice – 45 min – 2500.00 INR (3 sittings)

4.Group sessions for Meditation and Breathing techniques – 5000.00 INR/person/hr

5.Follow up all types for wellness -1000.00 INR

Pls add 1000 INR in case of face to face or in person counselling at our clinic.

If you wish to have a consultation on line please go to Book you Appointment table on the home page and it shall direct you to calendar , followed by your email and contact details and once you complete these details it shall take you to pay pal page .


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