Day VI is dedicated to Maa Katyayani and she blesses each of us with strong immunity and wellbeing.



Today we continue on the 6th day of detox with honey and Guavas. The Day six of Navratri is dedicate to Maa Katyayani – the daughter of Sage Katyayani. She is offered liquid gold (honey) and Guavas as she is the symbol of health and wellbeing.

Honey is one of the most ancient natural sweetener known to man with a chest of health benefits and a quick energy drink. It provides calming effect on the mind and body and helps in repair and regeneration of cells and builds immunity against seasonal changes, allergies and wounds and associated health issues. It aids in good sleep and boosts memory and an excellent remedy for seasonal cough and cold.

Guava is considered one of the healthiest fruit because it has proven positive effects on our body’s numerous functions. Right from strengthening our immune system to regulating a healthy and ideal blood pressure, Guava provides a number of health benefits. It’s a rich source of Vitamin C as an anti-oxidant contributes in maintaining a good skin health by cleaning the body off the free radicals and other impurities thereby delaying skin ageing.

Lycopene and anti-oxidant property of Guava help in protecting from tumors and cancerous growths in the body. It restores the lost potassium reserve of the body thereby maintaining a sound balance of this mineral in the electrolyte. The nutritional composition of Guava especially Potassium, Vitamin C, K, Folate, B6, Copper and Manganese help in maintaining a healthy blood pressure and aid in blood formation and iron absorption. Process of ageing can be effectively slowed down and delayed by consuming guavas that are naturally fortified with anti-oxidant properties.

The low Glycemic index of guava makes it a safe sweet treat for diabetics and also help in controlling the sugar spikes that they experience. The Vitamin A in Guava improves the vision and eye health including protecting from infections whereas Beta Carotene fights against sunburns by reducing your body’s sensitivity to sun damage. Digestion and good digestive health is encouraged by Vitamin A, C and high fiber in Guava. It prevent constipation and cleanses the digestive system. In short it’s no surprise to quote Day VI as an immune boosting day, so add immune boosting foods for overall wellbeing.

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